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Circulating Supply

How to Get Diruna Loyalty Point:

  1. Make sure you have active Stellar Wallets. Get Stellar wallet here.
  2. Add Diruna Trust Line:
    • Asset Code: DRA
  3. Fill the wallet with 10 DRA. Buy DRA at Interstellar Exchange, Stellarport Exchange, P2PB2B Exchange, Bitker Exchange.
  4. Every day registered Stellar Wallet will get 0.001 DRA Loyalty Points and will be sent to your wallet every Wednesday.
  5. To register your Public Key (PK), please get your Telegram Magic Key first at @DirunaRegisterBot and then register all your PK here.


Project Start

Diruna Tokens are created on Stellar Blockchain and become part of the Stellar Ecosystem. Stellar Blockchain was chosen because it has high speed in processing transactions, low transaction fees, managed by non-profit organizations and has strong fundamental system.

Diruna Project Founded,
March 14, 2018

Diruna Community

The socialization phase began by building Diruna Community Pilot Project in Indonesia which aims to test and measure the effectiveness of the strategies that we have planned.

The socialization phase will end when 1 million asset holders are reached.

Establish Diruna Community,
March 16, 2018

Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace will be used as a place to redeem Loyalty Points with products or services provided by Diruna Community members. launch on August 3, 2018, is the first online marketplace used to redeem Loyalty Points with products or services provided by members of Diruna Community Indonesia.

Build Online Marketplaces,
2018 - 2019

Developing The International Community

Encourage the establishment of Diruna Community in each country and use Diruna Community - Indonesia as a role model.

International Community,
2019 - 2024